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Frequently Asked Questions!

Question.I Don’t Know Anything About Sports Betting. Can I Still Use Your System?
Answer.Betting on Sports is Very, Very Easy to Understand and Do. Plus, My System is Very Easy to Understand and Follow. Once You Get My 60 Second System, You Will be Able to Grasp it Within Just 15 Minutes of Reading it. Over 80% of My Clients Are New to Sports Betting and They Tell Me That They Didn’t Realize Making Money Could be so Easy and Fun.

Question.Will I Need to Research the Teams or Players or Access Any Other Info to Make Your System Work?
Answer.No You Don’t. You Do Not Require Any Other Info Other Than the Odds as Offered by the Bookmaker.

Question.What Sports Can I Use It With?
Answer.Any Sport Where Team A is Playing Team B or Player A is Playing Player B. Here Are Some Sports We Readily Bet On: Football / Baseball / Basketball / Soccer / Tennis / Boxing / UFC / Rugby / Ice Hockey / Pool / Rugby / Snooker / Volleyball / Cricket/ Plus Many Others. As Well As E sports One of The Fastest Growing Entertainment Sectors in the World.

Question.Why Does Your System Pick Out Only the BEST Bet Each Day?
Answer.Have You Heard of the Following Saying “One Who Chases Two Rabbits Goes Hungry”? My System Will Pick Out the Very BEST Bet for You Each Day Because I Don’t Believe in Second-Best Bets. Betting On Nothing But the Very Best Bet Each Day Means We Maximize Every Dollar Invested. Using the System You Will Be Easily Able to See the Second Best Bet, Third Best Bet, Fourth Best Bet, Etc for the Day. But I Advice Against Betting On These Other Bets. Why Even Consider the Second Best When You Have THE BEST?

Question.How Much Money Do I Need to Start Betting With Once I Get Your System?
Answer.Having a Minimum of Just $10 is the Best Lowest Figure I’d Recommend to Make This System Really Worth Your While. You Can Quickly Grow $10 into Massive Sums by Simply Reinvesting Your Profits Back into Your Bankroll.

Question.How Much Money Can I Make?
Answer.How Much Do You Want? It Naturally Depends On the Amount You Start With and How Strictly You Follow My Money Management Plan. $10 Bets Makes Me $200 Weekly, $20 Bets Makes Me $400 Weekly, $30 Bets Makes Me $700 Weekly. You Can Make Money ON DEMAND. You Simply Decide How Much You’d Like to Make on a Particular Week and Bet Accordingly. Really Serious Bettors Can Start With $100 Bets and Easily Grow It Into Huge Sums Weekly.


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  • Only 60 Seconds of Your Day Required.
  • You Will Easily Grasp the Concept Within 15 Minutes of Reading the System Rules.
  • No Tedious Study Required.
  • Not Complicated.
  • No Grey Areas to Confuse You.
  • The System’s Every Detail is Clearly Explained in Plain Black and White. NOTHING is Left to Your Imagination and the Whole System is Easy to Understand and Simple to Follow.
  • It Never Needs Renewing or Replacing.
  • It Just Keeps on Working and the Money Keeps Rolling In.
  • Nothing To Sell, Just Money To Make in The Most Relaxed, Fastest Way.
  • Just One Payment to Make and My Super Secret Simple System is Yours to Use and Profit from for Your Entire Life.



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